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The Bhartiya School is recognized throughout the academic world for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmark of its philosophy; educational leadership and scholarly achievement its mission.

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08.00 - 10.30
Bhartiya Campus, Nangal-Mundi

“The enemy are only 50 yards from us. We are heavily outnumbered. We are under devastating fire. I shall not withdraw an inch but will fight to our last man and our last round.”

08.00 - 12.00
Bhartiya Campus, Nangal-Mundi

This day will be celebrated to honour all the parents who play a vital role in the lives of children

08.00 - 12.30
25 New York City

Celebrating 73rd Independence Day to pay tribute and remember all the freedom fighters who had contributed a lot and fought for the Independence of India.

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